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What is an Adagio?


This video is an artistic vision of what an adagio is. The story in the video is that of a wonderful being living peacefully on the earth, protected and entertained by the earth's season's and beauty.  You will notice the wonderful boy that lives with the earth. Then one day the being, the boy, is born into a body. There are no religious implications. It is open to individual interpretation. If you enjoy it, let us know.



The Bold Ones Project

In this project we are highlighting baby boomers who are making it happen in their encore career and life. 

In this episode we meet Kathryn Most who started her business at age 67. She talks about her career passions and inspirations from her family history.

Join Puddles!

Check out this trailer for Puddles next adventure!

Conscious Dance

What a heartfelt project this was for me! Conscious danced is also called Ecstatic Dance and is a beautiful way to transform yourself through movement and dance.

Check out this site for more information

The Earth's Alphabet


The alphabet can be found everywhere on earth. Check out this video to learn who MOE is.

This video goes along with the book.


I Belong - Peace Out


​Exclusion and isolation are damaging forms of bullying yet are not recognized as other forms of bullying.


This video was inspired by the song, "I Belong," by singer songwriter Namoli Brennet. Check out her website at

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