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Puddles explores Texas

Come ride with cowboys and cowgirls as Puddles explores the heart of Texas.

A feather sings a story of hope

What a wonderful journey to follow a feather who falls from her bird and finds meaning in life. This is for kids and adults of all ages.

Puddles in Oregon

Puddles travels from the Oregon Coast to Mt. Hood and skis with his best friend, Gabe.

Puddles love being a drop

Puddles explores all the wonders of being a drop from sliding on rainbows and traveling the world.

Puddles explores Arizona

Join Puddles in rivers and rainstorms as he travels to spend a day swimming with his best friend Gabe.

The Earth is a beautiful alphabet

This is a beautiful book for kids to connect the alphabet with our natural world.

Puddles in Lake Superior

Puddles goes underwater to explore shipwrecks in Lake Superior.

Puddles explores Colorado

Join Puddles as he rides on a locomotive and spends time with his best bear friends.

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