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Colorado, swimming bears
Lake Superior
Whispers from the sea and sky
Earths alphabet front cover 7 31 2018 bi
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Puddles the Raindrop Explores the 

Heart of Texas - $8


Howdy, Partner! Come with Puddles as he visits a rodeo, the ocean, baby turtles and a secret surfer community. 

Puddles the Raindrop Visits Bear Friends in Colorado - $8


Breathe in the fresh air and join Puddles the Explorer in his Colorado adventure.  In this story Puddles rides on a steam powered locomotive, hikes with his friend Gabe and visits bear families who like to swim and climb trees. ​

Puddles the Raindrop Explores Lake Superior, Michigan - $8


Join in this adventure as Puddles dives down to underwater shipwrecks, swims with Rio the waterdog and meets up with his good friend Gabe.

This book is 8.5 x 11 and includes activities in the back.

Puddles the Raindrop Explores the Grand Canyon State, Arizona - $8


Join Puddles as he rides in powerful rivers and rainstorms as he makes his way to see his good friend Gabe. Learn about the water cycle, desert plants, critters and how a water balloon can be used in a fun experiment. 

This book is full color, 8.5 x 11 and includes activities in the back.

Puddles the Raindrop - $8


Join the adventure as Puddles travels from the Oregon Coast to Mt. Hood. There he becomes a snowflake and skis with his good friend Gabe. Along the way Puddles plays in the ocean and rides on the wings of a seagull. 


This book is for multiple aged learning environments and includes activities. 

My Feather's Song​ - $6

My feather began to sing! She sang the songs she learned from the wind and sea. She shared wisdom she was taught from the sky and sun. Then she said to me, “I have learned something I

would like to share with you.”


Read this beautiful story to hear the message

sang by my feather. She has a message for you, too. 

An inspiring story for all ages.

This book is full color and is 8.5 x 8.5

The Earth's Alphabet​ - $6

This book is a wonderful way for kids to learn the alphabet as each letter is connected to our wonderful natural world.


This book is a full color book and is 8.5 x 8.5. 

Why Does Puddles Love Being a Drop?

Ride on rainbows, talk to butterflies and become part of a huge storm! This is a beautiful, natural book for kids of all ages


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